How Important is Workplace Health and Safety?

Have you ever fallen off a ladder while trying to reach merchandise? Or have you slipped on a wet construction floor on a rainy day? Accidents are unexpected and can occur anytime in every workplace. Whether they are physical injuries or a financial loss, employers need to understand that once your employees step foot in the working area, you are held accountable for the outcomes.

By preventing potential injuries and implementing proper safety regulations, your employees will be able to be productive and provide quality work. Here are six essential factors of workplace health safety you should consider to build a cooperative, safe, and efficient work environment.

  1. A healthy and safe workplace instills employee loyalty and happiness


Instead of treating workplace health and safety as an obligation, think of it as a type of reward and a source of pride for your employees. Nobody wants to come into work thinking that they need to be extra cautious or that no one is looking out for them. Providing the proper regulation and training is a way of showing your workers that you care about them as people, not just employees. When your team feels safe, proud and happy at work, they are more willing to put in more effort to get the job done and will end up staying with your company for a longer period.

  1. Safety is saving money

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Injuries in a workspace can be a significant burden to your business regarding money, time, and human resources. While you might be thinking that investing in accident prevention does not have profit return, it can pay off big time.  In the construction sector, the average Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WISB) cost of one lost-time injury is $35,000. By minimizing the chance of potential accidents and injuries, the boost in workplace health and safety training and regulations can result in less frequent lost-time injuries and lower liability/insurance costs.

  1. Employees are more important than your products

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You might be thinking that the products your company produces and the services that it provides are the dominant profit makers. However, there is no doubt that your employees are the driving force behind the curtains. Employees put time and effort into your business operations and should be treated as partners. Their safety should be placed as one of your top priorities.

  1. Health and safety keeps you in good standing with the government


In Canada, two governmental sectors ensure the high standards of a safe and healthy workspace: health & safety staff legislation that falls under the jurisdiction of provinces and territories, and Occupational Healthy and Safety Regulations (OHS) which operates under the federal authority. By staying compliant with OHS acts and regulations, you can confidently say that you have taken every reasonable precaution for the protection of your workers.

  1. Health and safety regulation does not have to be expensive and difficult

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There are plenty of ways to practice a high standard of workplace health and safety regulation that are affordable and cost-effective. By educating and advising your employees about potentially hazardous situations or preparing prescribed protective equipment, you can significantly reduce the chance of minor injuries such as hit and burn. Alternatively, if you don’t know too much about the topics or don’t have the time or resources to come up with your own, there are plenty of health and safety training and consulting services offered by professional services companies. Having advice from experts will help get you started in your health and safety initiatives.

  1. Employees are your company’s strongest advocates


A healthy, safe and happy workplace makes a cohesive company. When workers are willing to put in extra efforts and deliver a higher quality of services, your company’s productivity will increase. At the same time, if the whole team feels dedicated and treated with care and respect, the positive energy will lead to higher team morale and cooperation amongst staff. As a result, your company’s reputation will improve because the workplace you have created would be known for a happy and safe place where everyone wants to work.

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