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Commercial Landscaping Tips for 2018

If your organization has a property with a yard and grassy areas, there are plenty of ways to elevate the landscape design from basic to on-trend for this new year!

There are many design specifications and options that can make commercial landscaping challenging. Not only that, but maintenance is one of the more frequent reasons why many organizations limit how much they invest in commercial landscaping. But what if we told you that your commercial landscaping didn’t have to be a huge annual expenditure? In fact, what if it could help your organization increase its bottom line?

With these commercial landscaping trends for 2018, your organization will be able to decrease its ecological footprint, be creative, and save time, resources, and money on maintenance.

  1. Advanced Drip Irrigation

Water is an essential resource to help plants grow strong and survive. Because water has always been necessary for landscaping, it’s become imperative to minimize the amount of water we use and optimize how we use it. With this idea in mind, one of our favorite commercial landscaping trends for 2018 is drip irrigation.

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What’s drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a system that waters plants right at the roots, which is great because unlike sprinklers, drip irrigation won’t surprise passersby with an unwarranted shower. Furthermore, there are many advantages of applying drip irrigation to your commercial property, including easy installation, water conservation, eliminating drift, and saving money on your water bill.

New advancements are happening with drip irrigation such as using higher quality materials, sensors to detect soil moisture, and the use of Wi-Fi technologies to turn on the water when needed. While drip irrigation does require maintenance, it can become the best option for many commercial landscapes.

  1. Naturescaping

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We mentioned naturescaping at the beginning of our Top 5 Residential Landscaping Trends blog, and we’re here to mention it again — for a good reason.

Naturescaping is probably the most popular commercial landscaping trend for landscaping sustainability because it applies a landscaping concept that promotes planting a diverse selection of local plants in a garden. Why?

Easy maintenance, of course! Some local plants don’t have to be replanted annually because they can survive through harsh weather conditions in their area since they have learned to adapt to that specific environment. Also, these plants and grasses have a lesser chance of welcoming pest problems, enabling you to use less or zero toxins and pesticides. Overall naturescaping is an excellent solution for helping you save time and money, while doing your part to help the environment.


  1. Decorative Concrete Driveways

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You’re probably thinking that there’s nothing new or exciting about concrete driveways.

You’re right; concrete driveways aren’t glamourous, but they are walked and driven on over and over again. Concrete driveways are great for any commercial property, especially retail, because they require low maintenance, are relatively affordable, and are durable against changing weather conditions. In addition, concrete driveways can withstand heavy loads and can last for decades as long as it is installed correctly.

But why are concrete driveways trending?

Concrete driveways have been popular in residential landscaping, but it’s also made its mark in commercial landscaping because you can now change the design, texture, colour, and pattern to enhance the look of your property. This advancement in concrete — and when applied appropriately to your landscape — can be an amazing way to transform your commercial driveway into a unique masterpiece.


  1. Landscape design should welcome interaction

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Before we end this article, it’s essential that we mention that commercial property isn’t just composed of the physical building and what’s inside it, but also includes the exterior — ie. the landscaping. That being said, try not to leave landscaping as an afterthought, but use landscaping to help achieve some organizational goals.

What do we mean by this?

Your property’s landscaping design can be used to your advantage. If you’re trying to attract new tenants to your apartment building or want to impress potential clients and partners, then make it easy for them to feel welcome. Having well-designed walkways, benches to sit on, or a beautiful garden to admire can help you win their business; this is especially true in the retail-B2C industry. This landscaping design concept is called spacemaking. By giving your prospects an opportunity to interact with your outdoor space in a surprising way, you’re providing them with a valuable experience and giving them an idea of the quality of your product or service.


  1. Give your company culture a boost

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Let’s say your office doesn’t have many prospects walking in and out of the door often because of the type of work you do. What’s the point of landscaping there?

There are many studies with results that show employees surrounded by nature or who can work outside can increase in productivity and creativity. Therefore, designing garden pathways, installing a structural water fountain, or introducing a patio seating area can enhance your employees’ working experience because they are given the ability to be around a ‘natural’ environment.

Both situations are prime examples of how commercial landscaping can have a positive effect on the workplace and the bottom line — all you need to do is to consider who the space is meant for and the how these people can engage with the landscape.

Making your commercial property aesthetically pleasing is important to attract prospective customers and partners to your organization, but there are more things for you to consider, like cost, maintenance, durability, longevity, and whom the space is meant to serve. Before you design or change your commercial property’s landscaping, consider what your goals are as an organization. If you want people to feel more welcome in your building, fix those damaged sidewalks and introduce design elements that will make the property look more presentable.