12 Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

While curb appeal most often comes up in conversations about property sales, given the chance, it can influence the way we experience buildings year-round. Street numbers, mailboxes, gardens, and paths set our expectations as we open the front door. A strata property that feels warm and inviting as you arrive is more likely to maintain long-term loyal tenants. And a commercial property that feels structured and welcoming is more likely to obtain long-term leases. Here are 12 tips to increase curb appeal because it’s true what they say, first impressions matter.

1. Create a welcoming path.

From the moment you arrive, a path to the door can make you feel welcome. It could be a hedge or a border of flowers, formal or informal, and designed to fit the style of the surrounding architecture.

2. Frame your landscape with rubber mulch.

Mulch can blend in or provide contrast depending on what colour you choose. It’s a great way to frame buildings and accentuate facades. Not to mention it insulates the ground from extreme temperatures and keeps fungus and weeds in check, which helps keep plants healthy.

3. Dress up street numbers.

No one ever said street numbers had to be boring. Spruce them up! Street numbers are a great opportunity to display some personality and catch the eye of passers-by.

4. Create edges with brick.

Brick-edging is an easy way to add a structured feel to landscapes. It’s also an effective way to separate grass from flowers, etc.

5. Light the way.

Outdoor lighting sets the tone for a building. Whether bright, simple, extravagant, warm, halogen, or fluorescent, outdoor light should complement the landscape and architectural style. It’s the most immediate way to communicate a safe and welcoming vibe.

6. Become friends with camouflage.

Some eyesores can’t be avoided. This makes utility boxes, air conditioners, hydro meters, or PVC pipes great candidates for camouflaging. Simply paint them the same colour as the background and hide them in plain sight.

7. Add texture.

Panels of faux brick or stone are a great way to elevate the curb appeal of worn or boring exteriors. You don’t even need to cover the entire facade. Think accent walls, chimneys, or cinder brick foundations.

8. Hang window planters.

Speaking of accents, window planters are an easy way to create focus points on otherwise plain exteriors. Evergreen or flower planters both work well.

9. Spiff up the front door.

Much like street numbers, front doors can make statements and be eye-catchers for passers-by. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, framing, hardware, and seasonal wreaths. The front door introduces a building’s interior and should be an extension of the building’s style.

10. Make the mailbox count.

Chances are any passers-by approaching a building will see the mailbox first. Is it in tip top shape? Why not make it count?

11. Get artsy.

Outdoor art varies from birdbaths to garden sculptures, metal cutouts, and windchimes. Even thoughtfully selected patio furniture can feel like art and pique the curiosity of passers-by.

12. Feed, water, and mow!

Last but certainly not least, maintain the landscape! Lawn care is arguably the most influential factor for curb appeal. Trim shrubs, rake leaves, and pull weeds. There’s almost no point to the tips above unless you commit to this.

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