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What to Expect at a Construction Job Interview

Headed to a construction job interview? The management team will want to know if they can trust you to get the job done. You can expect them to ask questions about your work ethic, dependability, and skills. Consider the information below to make sure you’re prepared.

Know Your ‘Why’

It’s never a good idea to go into a job interview without an understanding of the industry, company, and role. What attracts you to the construction industry? Why do you want to work for that company? What do you love about your role? Read the company’s ‘About Us’ section on their website to learn about their culture, values, and goals. Check out their social media channels for insight into their people and brand. Is the company a contractor or consultant? How big is it? How does the role fit into your career goals? Aim to show a realistic understanding of expectations for your role and how it could grow based on industry context.

Skills, Skills, Skills

Expect to talk about what skills you can bring to the work site. Before your interview, make a list of relevant skills, think about what your strengths are, and recall times when you’ve employed them successfully. Depending on your experience, you can include examples of using them at school, apprenticeships, internships, or work. Make sure you can explain the situation simply and provide an ending with positive results. If you have any special skills or certifications, make sure to mention them.


People love stories and accomplishment stories are the best way to stand out. Prepare to tell future employers about times when you’ve gone above and beyond to get the job done. This may include working early or late, working weekends or holidays, taking extra training, mentoring a colleague or teammate, etc. What kind of challenges have you faced and resolved successfully?

What Would You Do?

One of the most popular types of interview questions is behavioral questions. What would you do if… Often these are based on challenges such as receiving negative feedback, disagreements within the team, or health and safety hazards on site. Take a moment to think about and understand the question. It’s okay to ask clarification questions. Think about times you’ve experienced something similar and how this experience will influence your approach next time. These questions are about showing rational thinking. Stay focused on demonstrating traits that are listed on the job description. Would you carefully follow instructions? Would you ask for extra training? Would you go above and beyond to resolve the issue?

Safety First

Nothing comes before safety on a construction site. Make a point of showing that you take safety seriously. Explain what safety precautions and measures you’ve helped implement. If you have a spotless safety record, experience on an Occupational Health and Safety Committee, or an Occupational First Aid certification, flaunt it. If not, describe a time when you successfully handled a safety issue on a work site.

Let Them Flaunt

Key projects, achievements, leadership, awards—end the interview by asking to hear about what makes the company proud. What are some challenges they’ve overcome? How has their approach helped them stand out among their competitors? What do employees love most about working there? Demonstrate true interest in what they do and how they do it.

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