roadside work safety

A Day in the Life of a Field Supervisor

In a nutshell, a Traffic Control Field Supervisor ensures that Traffic Control Persons and Lane Control Technicians stay safe and follow all regulations because the risks of working in the elements amidst moving traffic can never be overlooked.

A Field Supervisor starts their day by printing off a roster of work sites within their designated regional zone. Then they map out a few sites to visit. Their choices might be influenced by the seniority of the Traffic Control Persons on site, the risks posed by the site location, the complexity of the Traffic Management Plan, the number of Traffic Control Persons on site, etc. Once they have a plan, they get in their truck and head to the first site.

Once on site, a Field Supervisor conducts a quality site inspection. For example, they observe sign placement and taper lengths, review the field-level risk assessment, inform workers of upcoming events, long-term job opportunities, or changes in procedure, and provide on-site training and support. Although enforcing regulations and standards is their responsibility, their focus is on ensuring everyone is well-prepared and safe. Then they head to the next site.

Above all, a great Field Supervisor problem-solves on the fly. ‘Been there, done that,’ goes a long way in the job. That’s why experience as a Traffic Control Person and Lane Control Technician is crucial to their success. Field supervisors spend a lot of their day putting themselves in their workers’ shoes to build a safe and supportive environment. For that, they are rewarded with a predictable work schedule, better work/life balance, competitive salary, and growing friendships.

Field supervisors average three to five site inspections per day, completing a summary report for each one. At the end of the day, if everyone was prepared, organized, and safe, a Field Supervisor has done their job well.

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