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4 Innovative Amenities That Help Strata Attract Loyal Tenants

Michigan State University surveyed residents concerning the most important factors to perceived property values. At the top of the list? Landscaping!

We’re not talking lawn mowing or tree trimming but thoughtful landscape design.

Driving down the street, nothing catches your eye faster than a well-designed landscape. This confirms what strata have known for years—first impressions matter.

How much do they matter? The Arbor Day Foundation estimates curb appeal adds up to 15% property value. And while interior decor and design go out of style and mechanical systems wear down, well-maintained landscapes only grow fuller and increase their value with time.

In fact, a professional balance of large deciduous trees, evergreen plants, and annual color plants provide strata not only economic but environmental, safety, and social benefits, too.

Did you know…

Landscaping Can Improve Energy Efficiency

According to the US Department of Agriculture, a healthy tree offers cooling equivalent to 10 air conditioners running 20 hours a day. And when it gets cold, a well-placed line of evergreens can even help divert winter winds. It follows that estimates show professionally-designed landscapes can lower heating and cooling costs up to 20%.

Landscaping Can Reduce Noise Pollution

Professionals can design landscapes that absorb sound waves, thereby reducing noise pollution. They can also select plants that create privacy and the feeling of retreat in a quiet and relaxed space.

Landscaping Can Enhance Safety

Sophisticated landscaping considers lighting and visibility needs, and lets passersby know a property is monitored and well-maintained.

Landscaping Can Build Community

Creating shared spaces that inspire time outdoors leads to increased opportunities for neighborly conversations and social interaction. This contributes to a sense of community that directly influences tenant satisfaction.

But shining brighter than 30,000+ other strata lots also takes a little innovation. Here are four ideas of landscape amenities that can help strata attract loyal tenants:

Dog Parks

From simple fenced in grass areas with benches to extravagant turf areas with obstacle courses and water fountains, tenants with fur babies are bound to love the space.

Picnic Areas

Creating inviting and relaxing environments whether at housing units or office complexes allows tenants space to socialize and get some fresh air.

Fitness Areas

With interest in fitness and the outdoors at an all-time high, strata offering workout stations outdoors have an advantage over the competition.

Community Gardens

Loss of gardens is a drawback for apartment complexes but raised beds can be created which allow tenants space to grow their fruits and vegetables.

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