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Why This Red Seal Carpenter Chooses M3 Personnel

My name is Peter Gallacher and I’m a longtime carpenter. I love carpentry and have honed my skills over time to achieve a Red Seal certification. But I don’t love handing out resumes and waiting for interviews so I sought out a staffing agency that could help me find work.

At work sites, I found myself overhearing stories about various staffing agencies and none seemed to compare to M3 Personnel. I decided to check them out for myself. From the moment I got there, I was greeted by extremely kind and helpful staff. They treated me with respect and I quickly felt much more supported in my goals than I had in the past.

I explained that I was a Red Seal Carpenter looking for long-term work. They took the time to understand the type of work I preferred doing and promised to find me opportunities that were the right fit. I decided to apply and the process was seamless: I filled out the application form, provided my ID, completed a Health and Safety orientation, and watched a video about M3 Personnel’s parent company, The Universal Group.

They offered me immediate work while they worked to find me a long-term project and I jumped on a 4-5 day stair-building project. By the time I was finished, M3 Personnel staff had found a longer-term project at a Heritage House in Vancouver. I absolutely loved working on that site; the people were great and I got to flex my skills to rebuild all sorts of things.

It’s typical in carpentry that job durations vary depending on needs but as I near my 2-year anniversary with M3 Personnel, they’ve always managed to keep me busy. Their staff makes the transition process onto the next job easy. They maintain communication with me and the job sites so they can learn when a job is about to end and start working to find the next opportunity.

I’m grateful for work that has taught me how to be assertive, the importance of communication, the ability to remain calm, and how to stay aware of your surroundings. With each new project, I can count on a standard orientation designed according to the job site, scope, and potential hazards. I typically work 40 hours a week from Monday to Friday. My colleagues and leadership have been great and I’m happy with my compensation (my wage is higher than other places I’ve worked). But what I love most is having a staffing agency who can find me work based solely off of my proven skills on the job.

If you think a staffing agency could be the right fit for your career, allow me to recommend M3 Personnel. Their staff is always quick to make sure I’m happy and taken care of, which is why I remain loyal to them. The office feels positive, open, and airy, and they always have treats for us like ‘thank you’ biscuits. You can even look forward to occasional pizza parties.

My tips for success? Always stay busy on a job, even when things are slow. Pick up a broom and tidy up surroundings. Work until your breaks, and keep at it until it’s time to sign off. As long as you take direction well and always stay busy, you’ll increase your chances of being invited back to a work site repeatedly. And the good sites are more than worth it.

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Good luck out there!