Our state of the art sign manufacturing facilities in BC, Ontario and Quebec allow us to serve Canada with your traffic sign needs for rent or purchase. We partner with Avery providing you with the highest quality traffic signs to fit your specifications. Need traffic sign installation? We’ve got you covered through our installation partnerships.

Protective Overlay Films

Avery Dennison manufactures protective overlay films for your specific traffic sign needs. In addition to providing UV protection, these overlay films improve sign performance and legability.

Extending Sign Life

OL-1000 Anti-graffiti and OL-1200 Anti-dew protective overlays both offer UV protection to extend the life and performance of signs. Designed to meet the needs of a global community, choose the overlay that is right for you.

OL-1000 Anti-Graffiti Protective Overlay Film

Avery Dennison OL-1000 is a premium clear overlay film ideal for protecting traffic signs. Not only can vandalized traffic signs be cleaned, but when printed with a TrafficJet Print System printer, it will also carry the industry’s longest-warranty.

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OL-1200 Anti-Dew Protective Overlay Film

Avery Dennison OL-1200 is a premium clear overlay film designed with a special coating to prevent the formation of water droplets on the surface of finished signs. It was developed to add additional protection for signs used in climates with high humidity along with temperatures just above freezing.

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Permanent Traffic Sign Sheeting

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Overlay Films

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