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Traffic Control Person

Wages : C$Based on Experience

The Role

Reports directly to the Dispatcher of either GOtraffic or Universal Flagging for day to day dispatch to conduct traffic control.

Responsible for performing optimum levels of service to clients, public relations, personal safety, traffic control and safety for pedestrians, motor vehicles for Universal Flagging and GOtraffic Management clients and contractors.


  • Effectively conduct traffic control at worksites within the abilities and experience of the training provided
  • Ensure our clients are provided with the very best traffic control service to protect workers, the general public and our employees
  • Ensure traffic control capabilities meet or exceed requirements for quality, delivery, safety and responsiveness
  • Comply with all Acts, Regulations, Standards, Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for health and safety
  • Conduct traffic control at Special Events as and when required and follow the direction of the companies’ Special Events Coordinator or person in charge of the traffic control for the Special Event
  • Attend health and safety tool-box/tail-gate meetings as required to discuss matters related to the work site and work to be conducted
  • Maintain a High Level of confidentiality of company business, records, files and other matters related to the two companies
  • Participate in accident/incident investigations as required to ensure the compliance with investigative policies and procedures
  • Complete required forms and reports as required for due diligence and for compliance with Acts, Regulations, Standards, Guidelines, Policies and Procedures
  • Report directly to the Contractors Site Supervisor and take direction from them for traffic control set up and safety for the job site if there is no Lane Technician or Traffic Control Supervisor from the company on site
  • Reports to and takes direction from a Lane Technician or Traffic Control Supervisor and assists with the set up and tearing down of the signs, delineation or equipment and traffic control procedures and other related duties as required
  • Report to company Operations Manager or Health and Safety Officer any health and safety matters, non-compliance issues, or conflicts with any company employee or direction from the Contractor
  • Report all accidents, incidents and near misses immediately to the Health and Safety Officer and complete all required reports and forms
  • Must wear all personal protective equipment at all times as required by WorkSafeBC Regulations, or as required by Contractor or site safety rules, policies or procedures
  • Must use all required personal traffic control equipment for work in low visibility or night work, such as a flashlight with a red signalling wand
  • Must use proper protocol procedures when using two way radios, and not use profane or vulgar language
  • Responsible for ensuring that your Traffic Control Person certificate is always maintained to be current and valid
  • Must attend all training programs as required by the Company and participate as required
  • Must ensure that all time sheets are signed off by the Contractor representative and/or the Lane Technician in charge
  • Responsible for ensuring that all time sheets are sent in or dropped off at the Company Main Office on time


  • Qualified Traffic Control Person as per the WorkSafeBC Regulation for traffic control, and hold a current/valid BCCSA certificate
  • Good knowledge and understanding of the WorkSafeBC Regulations for Traffic Control, Section 18
  • Knowledge and understanding of the WCB Act, sections 115-117, General Duties
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Company Health and Safety Policies and Procedures and comply all requirements
  • Knowledge and understanding of Traffic Management Plans and the Traffic Control Manual for Work on Roadways as developed by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Knowledge of the requirements of the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations related to traffic control