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Overview of Services

As roadways across Canada become increasingly busier and at times congested, The Universal Group has a menu of traffic control services to support your roadway construction or infrastructure project, special event, television or movies production project, or emergency incident management request.

Beginning with Traffic Management Plans, our designers ensure your plan adheres to regulatory, ministry of transportation or Worksafe requirements, including permits and engineered stamped plans where required.

Once the Traffic Management Plan is approved, our 24/7 Dispatch team and Operations team will ensure your construction or infrastructure project, special event, television or movie production, or roadway incident is managed safely and effectively.

Our highly trained Flagging teams, consisting of Traffic Control Persons (TCP’s) and Lane Control Technicians (LCT’s), are equipped with all the temporary signage and traffic equipment your Traffic Management Plan requires. This ensures workers are well protected and traffic can safely approach, move through, and exit the work zone.

Additional services include Lane closures designed to support high traffic roadways, highway and freeway networks.

Our state of the art sign manufacturing facilities in BC, Ontario and Quebec allow us to serve Canada with your traffic sign needs for rent or purchase. We partner with Avery and 3M, providing you with the highest quality traffic signs to fit your specifications. Need traffic sign installation? We’ve got you covered through our installation partnerships. 

Training Programs to support your workforce
Through our Academy, Universal Health and Safety based in Burnaby, BC, The Universal Group can support your company with a suite of 45 courses to choose from including First Aid to Traffic Control, Construction Safety Officer and anything in-between. Courses are hosted at the Burnaby academy and a selection of our locations across BC. Click Find A Course (hyperlink) to find the course you are looking for.

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Traffic Control Services Resources

The Universal Group’s TCPs are provincially certified and receive specialized training from our in-house traffic control experts. Our hired Traffic Control Persons must complete the following training after being hired:

  • WSBC approved 2-day traffic control course
  • Universal Group Safety Orientation (4hrs)
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Training
  • Universal Group Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course
  • BC Hydro Electrical Safety for Trades Workers
  • On-road TCP mentorship program

This extensive training process prepares our TCPs to manage every situation and all projects they will encounter throughout their careers. The Universal Group is proud to offer the highest caliber of TCPs in the industry.

Interested in traffic control opportunities? Check out The Universal Group Traffic Career Postings.

The Universal Group’s LCTs devise, implement, and manage the traffic services for the work areas and road closures. Our LCTs allow clients to focus on what they do best, while we take care of the traffic control logistics.

TCP’s with over 700 hours of road experience are eligible to become a LCT but first they must complete the following training:

  • Complete our internal LCT course and pass the final exam
  • Complete our driver road safety course and ride-along practicum
  • On-road LCT mentorship

Each lane closure truck comes stocked with the following equipment:

  • 54 2.4 x 2.4 ft Construction Signs
  • 40 Cones
  • 12 Flags
  • 20 Tripods
  • 6 Windmaster Sign Stands
  • Caution Tape
  • One pair of standard two-way radios
  • Truck-mounted arrow board

With over 500 trucks in our fleet we are ready to handle your lane closure needs.

Our highway technicians are the best in the business. The Universal Group is proud to have the equipment and personnel needed to conduct high-speed closures in a safe and efficient manner. We go above the Ministry of Transportation’s standards to ensure both our workers and our contractors safety. Each highway truck comes stocked with the following equipment:

  • 57 2.4 x 2.4 ft Construction Signs
  • 20 4×4 ft Construction Signs
  • 12 Speed Reduction Signs
  • 20 Tripods
  • 12 Windmaster Sign Stands
  • 20 Barrels and Bases
  • 100 Cones
  • 24 Flags
  • 6 Speed Sign Covers
  • Caution Tape
  • One pair standard two-way radios
  • Truck-mounted arrow board

When you’re installing a lane closure on a highway, you need the confidence that comes with knowing no one will get hurt. The Universal Group has several MASH-certified crash trucks that we deploy when installing high-speed road closures. Our truck mounted crash attenuators will give you peace of mind by protecting drivers and workers from hazards on and around the roadway.

Did you know that the Ministry of Transportation requires that you appoint a qualified Traffic Control Supervisor to oversee all traffic control and this person cannot be the site-superintendent, site supervisor or foreman?

The Universal Group has qualified the largest quantity of Traffic Control Supervisors in the Province and are ready to coordinate your traffic control needs. In general Traffic Control Supervisors are responsible for:

  • Overseeing traffic control operations, ensuring traffic control is executed in accordance with the Traffic Management Plan, and updated as necessary
  • Ensuring compliance with Part 18 of WorkSafeBC’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation regarding supervision of TCPs in the work zone
  • Providing direction to TCPs
  • Ensuring the required traffic control devices are in place and that signs are checked, maintained and moved as required
  • Documenting daily traffic control setups and noting changes on the Traffic Control Plan
  • Reporting any traffic control concerns to the Site Supervisor and client
  • Ensuring each member of the traffic control crew is wearing the correct PPE, carry evidence of TCP certification, equipped with all necessary equipment, positioned safely, provided with rest breaks and are performing traffic control duties competently and safely

The ability to integrate our Traffic Management Planning department with our Traffic Control Supervisors sets us aside from the competition and ensures you can rely on us to handle all your traffic control needs.

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