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AFAD – Automated Flagger Assistance Devices

Automated Flagger Assistance Devices (AFADs) are temporary traffic control equipment that can be remotely operated, allowing a single individual to control and direct traffic. AFADs can provide a safe alternative to flaggers.

Not sure if AFADs are right for your project? We’d be happy to help you decide.

Message Board & Trailers

Message boards and trailers are an integral piece of traffic equipment for many traffic control projects. They allow you to communicate with drivers, keeping them informed on traffic pattern changes, anticipated delays and even emergency updates. Customizable, easy to use and readily available—we have just what you need. Looking for some help? We’d be glad to assist.

Traffic signs

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Sign supports

We’ve got every type of sign support you might need on your project. Browse the selection below to find the right fit for your traffic control project.


Barricades are portable or fixed traffic control devices. They are required to be highly visible and also frangible (in case of impact). They are used to delineate or restrict part or all of a road, particularly to indicate areas where traffic cannot proceed. They are a key part of traffic control and safety, helping guide motorists and pedestrians, and keeping them out of where they shouldn’t be. All barricade types can also be used as sign supports.

We carry a wide selection of barricades for any traffic control need. Not sure what your project requires? Feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to advise you.


There are two types of delineators: surface mounted, and post mounted.

Surface-mounted delineators are usually used on the centreline to separate opposing traffic on a two-lane, two-way roadway. They are usually orange, and can be struck by vehicles without causing damage. They are fastened directly to the surface of the road.

Post-mounted delineators are most commonly used in long-duration work zones to mark the edge of roadway through diversions.

Crash Attenuators

Crash attenuators—also called impact attenuators—are safety systems that absorb energy when they are hit by a vehicle. They come in several forms, depending on the type of project. Some are attached to the exposed ends of fixed objects like barriers or bridge piers, others are temporary. These traffic safety devices can help reduce the impact of crashes and are an important traffic control safety feature.

We are happy to advise you on what type of crash attenuator is right for your project.

Road Markings – Paint & Tapes

Clear, highly visible and durable road markings are a key element of any traffic control project. We carry a wide selection of the best products to ensure your road markings meet high standards and last a long time. Shop our products now.

Safety and PPE

At Universal Group, we understand that the safety of your workers and your crews is paramount. We’re here to ensure you can provide them top-of-the-line Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Safety gear that features the latest advances and improvements. From gloves and hard hats, to high-visibility jumpsuits and all types of road markers, we’ve got everything you need for your traffic control project.


Good lighting is imperative for a safe traffic control project. It ensures safe visibility for motorists, construction and road crews, emergency vehicles and workers. We carry many types of traffic control lighting and would be pleased to help you determine your project’s lighting needs to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.


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