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  • Winvan Paving Ltd. had enjoyed the services of Universal Flagging for several years now. Their equipment is well maintained, their traffic control people are fully trained and management is professional and committed to safety as well as service. I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone looking for quality traffic control.

    Brenda Knight – Traffic Control Supervisor


    Winvan Paving Ltd.

  • Universal Flagging has been part of Grandview Blacktop’s team since 2008. Since then, their lane techs and traffic personnel have the best interest in Grandview’s traffic management requirements. Their employees have been able to deal with the unexpected on job sites without compromising productions and site safety. Don’t hesitate to call Universal Flagging for your next project.

    Nick Santorelli – Vice President


    Grandview Blacktop

  • Rokstad Power utilizes the services of GOtraffic Management throughout the Lower Mainland to assist with traffic and pedestrian control measures as we execute our work. We have always found GOtraffic to be reliable, prompt and accurate with our requests and accommodating to the sometimes changeable environment we work within and has had experience working within the power utility industry and therefore understands our requirements at a deeper level. We looked for a supplier who was COR certified indicating to us that they have a solid safety program that aligns with our own view of continuous improvement and safety leadership.

    Roberta McCrady – Distribution Services Materials Management Coordinator


    Rokstad Power

  • We have recently started using Universal Landscaping for several of our commercial buildings and are very satisfied with the quality of the work. The landscaping crews are professional and consistent and genuinely care about ensuring our sites are done right.

    Michael, Senior Property Manager

  • M3 has always been a reliable company for us to deal with. They are attentive to problems that arise and have become the most dependable company in the temporary labour industry for us to use on a regular basis for our projects.

    Jim, Project Manager

  • I’ve worked for the two biggest Flagging companies in the Lower Mainland. If you enjoy the outdoors, great benefits and a good wage, Flagging is a great job. Universal’s front staff, dispatch, HR, Health and Safety, and the bosses have always treated me with respect and compassion. I’ve been doing this job for many years and found Universal to be the best one all around.



    Universal Employee

  • Universal Health + Safety Training Academy was a pleasant experience with tons of support. Francis, the trainer, continually went the extra mile to make sure everyone understood the curriculum. They have padded floors in the classroom which, after a couple of days, your knees will thank you for! You will get continuous support inside and outside of the classroom. I will be recommending new hires and course renewals within my own company to go to UHS.

    Andrew T.



  • So I have a 12 year history in construction and took the CSO/TSC course along with a First Aid Level 2. I was blown away with the empowerment I got from Cheryl Morgan’s classes. The rate she teaches is amazing, the knowledge was extremely helpful and I’m a confident Safety officer for it. The first aid course with Will Whatcon was equally great and had taught me tons. This company’s excellence for teaching you right and proper are hands down amazing!!! One of the best decisions I have made in my career choosing them for these courses and the future course I plan on taking to further my journey.

    If you are considering anything with safety, health, or employment this is the company I would look to. The general respect and empowerment they teach go a very long way… I truly am thankful I took these courses with them and the education I got is going to go along way to empower my workers as well. Thank you for everything, thank you to the staff in the office, to Francis, Cheryl, Will, Rory, Tonya, and the rest of the staff at Universal Health and Safety.

    Richard de Amaral


    Construction Safety Officer

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