Geoff van Hattem

I have had the pleasure of working with John Pearson and his team at Earth Enterprises, where they have maintained the landscaping for 10 of our commercial properties for well over 20 years. I can honestly say in all this time, not once have I received a complaint, or had to call to make one […]

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Victoria Contracting has a diverse compliment of skilled professionals that culminate as a privatized model of a municipal public works department. In essence, Victoria Contractings service delivery is best illustrated by describing them as “the handyman to the municipality that they serve”

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Jordan Gruzelier

Just wanted to take a second to thank the team that did such a wonderful job working our Black Friday event. They really showed up and provided exceptional customer service to all our guests in vehicles and as pedestrians. They were also able to find a clear way to mark out some of the more

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Alona Lutz

Earth Enterprises has been taking care of AEP’s landscaping needs for over 10 years. They are reliable, responsive and extremely diligent. We are lucky to work with such a great quality contractor.

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Michelle LaPierre

The service that Mainland Construction Materials ULC DBA Winvan Paving received last night on the South Fraser Perimeter Road was second to none. Your two Lane Tech that run your Highway trucks should be recognized for their level of knowledge and service they both provide. Without them these jobs would not go as smoothly as

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Brandon Matilda

Received my OFA 2 qualification today. Instructor Francis was wonderful and I had classmates who were so helpful in the practice and training program. Strongly recommended.

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Nikki Bradshaw

Fantastic facility! This was my third course to take here at Universal and I can’t wait to take another one! The instructors are amazing and patient and full of wisdom! Very clean teaching environment and all COVID-19 protocols were easy to follow! Thank you guys

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Pam Gramiak

Absolutely the best professional development program I have ever taken. The instructors are high achievers in their respective fields, the course content is substantial and relevant, and the pace of the course allows for significant comprehension and understanding. Specifically, the program is structured for all learning styles: audio, visual, and kinetic. Further, the delivery flow

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Richard de Amaral

So I have a 12 year history in construction and took the CSO/TSC course along with a First Aid Level 2. I was blown away with the empowerment I got from Cheryl Morgan’s classes. The rate she teaches is amazing, the knowledge was extremely helpful and I’m a confident Safety officer for it. The first

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