Michelle LaPierre

The service that Mainland Construction Materials ULC DBA Winvan Paving received last night on the South Fraser Perimeter Road was second to none. Your two Lane Tech that run your Highway trucks should be recognized for their level of knowledge and service they both provide. Without them these jobs would not go as smoothly as they do!!! Thank you Richard and Geraldino. I was so happy to see the way the equipment had been loaded and arranged on the trucks, it showed that Universal cares and that you took the time to read the Traffic Plan. To have the highway trucks set up in sign placement order for a East bound truck and a West bound truck is the level of excellence that no one else in the industry can or would provide. This is the type of service that will keep you at the top of the Industry, so please pass this knowledge onto to those who need to understand this level of service. Please take this compliment and pass it on to the teams that should be recognized.