Pam Gramiak

Absolutely the best professional development program I have ever taken.
The instructors are high achievers in their respective fields, the course content is substantial and relevant, and the pace of the course allows for significant comprehension and understanding.
Specifically, the program is structured for all learning styles: audio, visual, and kinetic. Further, the delivery flow of the content is organized and coherent, making learning a positive experience.
I am most impressed by the knowledge and kindness of the instructors and staff, and the level of professionalism in the organization. From the first phone call to the final exam, Universal Health really delivered.
Finally, a most impressive element of the program was the workforce-preparation session, which gave valuable insight to, and practical knowledge of, industry associations, as well as professionalism and etiquette in the workplace.
My sincere thanks to all involved in the development, delivery, facilitation, and support of the CSO program. I really appreciate the experience.