Applications Dedicated to Safety

  • Yellow retroflective traffic sign indicating a sharp right hand curve ahead.

    Whether it’s retroreflective sign sheeting for road signs, guide signs or delineation devices, 3M sign sheeting meets the requirements of today’s complex and demanding traffic environment.

  • Print technician preparing to print custom traffic signs.

    Our digital sign printing solutions give you quick, on-demand prints for custom traffic signs backed by our finest 3M™ MCS™ Warranty.

  • Two lane black top road with double yellow line road markings down the middle.

    For superior retroreflectivity in both dry and wet conditions, we combined durable beads with multiple refractive index beads for pavement-marking products that provide excellent visibility to drivers.

  • Orange retroflective temporary traffic control signs for entering a construction zone ahead.

    Provide enhanced visibility and improved safety for temporary traffic control in construction work zones with 3M’s full line of high-performance materials.

  • Overhead shot from a helicopter of a major city at night.

    Cities are growing faster than ever and new modes of transportation are here, posing safety and mobility challenges to cities.

  • White delivery van with two strips of vehicle safety marking tape on its side for enahnced visibility.

    Increase visibility at night—helping give motorists the visual cues they need to improve safety.


Featured Road Safety Products

  • View from inside a vehicle of green retroflective freeway signs at night time that use 3M™ Diamond Grade™ sheeting.

    With nearly twice the reflectivity of lower-grade signage material, 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Sheeting helps create more visible signs, and more visible signs can cut night-time accidents by up to 46%.1

  • Dashboard view of a two lane road on a dark and rainy night.

    Help protect drivers with durable pavement markings that provide excellent true colour retrorefletivity, even on wet roads at night.

  • A British Columbia license plate with plate number SM 0000.

    Learn how our complete end-to-end vehicle registration solutions provide fast, effective identification of vehicles, safeguard against counterfeit, and help make law enforcement’s job easier.


Resources for Road Safety