Lane Openings

Lane Closures

Lane closures are a key part of your traffic control project. They keep your dynamic work-zone safe, protect workers and move motorists according to your traffic management plan. A key lane closure component is appropriate traffic signs that clearly indicate where motorists and pedestrians must proceed. Safe lane closures are essential to all types of construction sites and other projects.

Experienced team
Our experienced on-site staff are able to respond quickly to changes in traffic conditions or pedestrian requirements to ensure lane closures have minimal impact on traffic flow and traffic delays. Keeping traffic moving safely and efficiently ensures your traffic control project can proceed efficiently, ensuring you remain on schedule and within your budget.

Highest safety standards
Our experienced staff carry 12 sets of standard municipal construction road signs and a pair of handheld radios to ensure clear and efficient communication on the job. Our highway-spec lane closure teams carry additional Highway traffic signs, and barrels. We also provide Crash Attenuators (TMA) to create a crash barrier ahead of the work zone, ensuring the highest degree of safety.

Our guarantee
Our team will arrive on-time, with WCB-approved high-visibility gear, ready to work and prepared for any traffic control situation that might arise. We will ensure the highest safety standards while keeping traffic moving smoothly with minimal disruption.

We are proud to offer industry leading traffic control training (link to training).

Service Areas
The Universal Group is pleased to serve multiple locations throughout B.C., Ontario and Quebec. Click on the map below to find out more about the Traffic Solutions we offer in each province.

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